7 things You Can Learn From Dogs

Abbi and Meg are animals, however they are now our family members. We lavish them with love as part of our family. They have taught me some secrets about living well, lessons I’ve been eager to learn and pass on. Abbi and Meg are animals, however they are now family members. From then, we welcome them into all aspects of […]

Who are your child’s best friends?

Who are your child’s best friends? According to research from the University of Cambridge, children get more satisfaction from relationships with their pets than with their brothers or sisters. Children also appear to get on even better with their animal companions than with siblings. Pets may have a major influence on child development The research adds […]

How dogs see your emotions

How dogs see your emotions? A recent study from the University of Helsinki shows that the social gazing behavior of domestic dogs resembles that of humans: dogs view facial expressions systematically, preferring eyes. In addition, the facial expression alters their viewing behavior, especially in the face of threat. Recently, the science journal PLOS ONE has published this […]

Senior adults’ benefits from dog ownership

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that adults of all ages should engage in 150 or more minutes of moderate physical activity per week. Among adults 60 years of age or more, walking is the most common form of leisure-time physical activity. The reason is because it is self-paced, low impact and does […]