Dogs help to feel less stressed

Dogs help to feel less stressed, provide valuable social support for kids when they’re under stress, according to a study by researchers from the University of Florida, who were among the first to document stress-buffering effects of pets for children. Darlene Kertes and colleagues tested the commonly held belief that pet dogs provide social support […]

Your dog remembers what you did

People have a remarkable ability to remember and recall events from the past. Even when those events didn’t hold any particular importance at the time they occurred. Now, researchers reporting in the journal Current Biology on November 23. There is an evidence that dogs have that kind of “episodic memory” too. The study found that […]

How dogs see your emotions

How dogs see your emotions? A recent study from the University of Helsinki shows that the social gazing behavior of domestic dogs resembles that of humans: dogs view facial expressions systematically, preferring eyes. In addition, the facial expression alters their viewing behavior, especially in the face of threat. Recently, the science journal PLOS ONE has published this […]